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How to backup Hyper-V Replica VM

Would you like to make offsite VM backup along with Hyper-V Replica? Unfortunatelly, it is not supported by MS. If you start backuping VM Replica, replication could break.

The solution is (where hyperv-cluster1 is source and cluster2 is replica):

1) pause replication

Get-ClusterGroup -Cluster hyperv-cluster1.amccomp.cz | Where-Object {$_.GroupType -eq "VirtualMachine" -and $_.State -eq "Online"} | Get-VM | Where-Object {$_.ReplicationMode -eq "Primary" -and $_.ReplicationState -eq "Replicating"} | Suspend-VMReplication

2) make backup

DPM, Windows Backup or your favourite backup tool

3) resume replication

Get-ClusterGroup -Cluster hyperv-cluster2.amccomp.cz | Where-Object {$_.GroupType -eq "VirtualMachine" -and $_.State -eq "Offline"} | Get-VM | Where-Object {$_.ReplicationMode -eq "Replica" -and ($_.ReplicationState -eq "Suspended" -or $_.ReplicationState -eq "Error")} | Resume-VMReplication
Get-ClusterGroup -Cluster hyperv-cluster2.amccomp.cz | Get-ClusterResource | Where-Object {$_.ResourceType -eq "Virtual Machine Configuration" -and $_.State -eq "Offline"} | Start-ClusterResource
Get-ClusterGroup -Cluster hyperv-cluster1.amccomp.cz | Where-Object {$_.GroupType -eq "VirtualMachine" -and $_.State -eq "Online"} | Get-VM | Where-Object {$_.ReplicationMode -eq "Primary" -and ($_.ReplicationState -eq "Suspended" -or $_.ReplicationState -eq "Error")} | Resume-VMReplication

Don't forget to take cluster resources on replica cluster online (because replica supendation takes them offline). This solution would also work without cluster (just start useing from Get-VM ...).

You can use my Powershell scripts below:

pause-replication.ps1 (259.00 bytes)

pause-replication.ps1 (259.00 bytes)

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